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Practical Training + Project Work + Mentoring and Placement. This course is designed to offer hands on experience to become a DevOps engineer. On completion of this course the participant will have sound knowledge about DevOps practices. We will be covering GIT (SCM), Jenkins (Continuous Integration), Puppet OR Ansible (Configuration management system), Continuous build and delivery (Deploy) pipeline concepts. Participant will be confident around concepts of modern software delivery life cycle (SDLC) along with installation and management of basic Web and Application servers in cloud. This course is designed for anyone who is interested in kick starting their IT career. Delegate will definitely gain good hands on experience to install and configure various important services required to build and support DevOps functions from Operations and Support point of view. Prerequisites : Delegate should have basic knowledge about at least one Operating System. Preferred OS is any Linux distribution OR Apple MAC. How to install and remove software. (command line preferred) How to create new users and groups and manage them. How to create files and directories. (command line preferred) Good knowledge about at least 1 text editor. Some basic knowledge about networking. Such as IP address and subnet. How to access websites and download software on their device. The delegate will acquire essential knowledge which will help them to become a good : Junior DevOps Engineer. Junior Build and release Engineer. Junior cloud engineer (AWS). Aim: This course is designed to offer hands on experience to kick start your IT career as an professional or enhance your skills to increase your earning potential in areas such as Cloud computing, Automation, Software testing, Systems administration, Support analyst, DevOps engineer etc. On completion of this course participant will have sound knowledge about Modern cloud based Infrastructure and dependencies to build and support online services in cloud. Big organizations such as Amazon, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Media, Publishing, Financial institutions, E-commerce businesses, Government services etc. builds their digital products and services using tools and technologies you will be learning and mastering throughout this course. Prerequisites : None We assume delegate’s have basic computer operator level knowledge. The delegate will acquire essential knowledge which will help them to become a good : Linux systems administrator/engineer. Junior site reliability engineer. Junior DevOps Engineer. Junior Build and release Engineer. Junior cloud engineer (AWS). Syllabus: Virtualization: Overview (Virtualbox and Vagrant) (15 mins) Why virtualization is necessary in modern world (15 mins) Install Virtualbox and additional dependency (30 mins) Install Vagrant (15 mins) Spinup 1st virtual linux system (Centos/ubuntu). (15 mins) Become familiar with vagrant command line. (30 mins) Basic Linux system administration session (60 mins) Prepare your first Vagrant configuration. (30 mins) Linux Systems - Deep Dive Systems Architecture (20 mins) Linux Installation - First time walk through (30 mins) Package management (20 mins) GNU and Unix commands (45 mins) Devices, Linux Filesystems, Filesystem Hierarchy Standard(60 mins) Shells, Scripting and Data Management (90 mins) Interfaces and Desktops (60 mins) Administrative Tasks (90 mins) Essential systems services (120 mins) Networking Fundamentals (90 mins) Security (120 mins) Monitoring and reporting: Why system monitoring is required (10 mins) Traditional server / client monitoring softwares (15 mins) Overview of modern tools such as Datadog / sensu (20 mins) Install and configure a monitoring service - Demo (60 mins) SCM (Source control management): GIT - Source control management system. Git Basic - (15 mins) Git Command line tool install (5 mins) Create a FREE GitHub account (10 mins) Getting familiar with command line (30 mins) Create a new project repository on GitHub (10 mins) Clone new repository (10 mins) Commit new changes and create new pull request (15 mins) Push new changes to GitHub (5 mins) AWS (Amazon web services): What is Cloud computing and why it is popular (15 mins) Overview of core AWS Services (15 mins) Create FREE AWS account (5 mins) AWS Account and Organization (10 mins) IAM(Identity and Access Management) (60 mins) Route53 (AWS DNS Service) (30 mins) VPC (Virtual private cloud) Essentials (15 mins) VPC Network Routing Basics (20 mins) VPC Security Basics (15 mins) Security Groups (5 mins) EC2 (Elastic compute cloud) (45 mins) EFS (Elastic File System) (20 mins) Setup a webserver to host web application (45 mins) EBS (Elastic Block store) (30 mins) S3 (Simple storage services) (30 mins) Setup a static website on S3 bucket without webserver (30 mins) SES (Simple email service) (20 mins) SQS (Simple queue service) (15 mins) SNS (Simple notification service) (10 mins) AWS CLI (20 mins) Databases [RDS, DynamoDB, ElasticCache, Redshift] (45 mins) Cloudwatch (15 mins) CloudTrail (15 mins) CloudFormation (30 mins) ElasticBenstalk (15 mins) Lamda (Serverless compute service) (10 mins) Jenkins (Continuous Integration tool): Importance of Continuous Integration. (10 mins) Explain CI Pipeline. (20 mins) Install Jenkins on Vagrant VM prepared earlier (30 mins) Overview of Jenkins plugins (15 mins) Configure Jenkins server (30 mins) Prepare a test CI pipeline to commit new changes (60 mins) Data serialization formats: (YAML & JSON): Important concepts about YAML and JSON (90 mins) Puppet configuration management: Overview of configuration management system (10 mins) Why configuration management system is required (10 mins) What is puppet (20 mins) Information about puppet DSL (15 mins) Install puppet client (5 mins) Puppet module structure (30 mins) Prepare a test puppet module (30 mins) Getting familiar with puppet apply (30 mins) What is hiera ? (20 mins) Hiera structure for puppet modules. (30 mins) What is facter ? List of standard facts. (30 mins) Puppet module with facter. (60 mins) Docker - Containerization Introduction to containers (10 mins) Virtial Machine vs Containers (10 mins) Docker and its architecture (20 mins) Create your first docker container (15 mins) Working with images (10 mins) Build your first docker container to run web server (20 mins) Build docker images (15 mins) 1. Better Job Opportunities DevOps is more or less a very new concept in the industry and more and more companies are deploying DevOps practices. There is a dearth of certified professionals who can bring in their DevOps expertise to organisations. A DevOps certification will expand your horizon as an IT professional and better job opportunities will come your way. 2. Improved Skills & Knowledge The DevOps ideology encourages a complete new way of thinking and decision-making. The business and technical benefits of DevOps are many and you learn how to implement them in your organization. You learn to work in a team consisting of cross-functional team members—QA, developers, operation engineers, and business analysts. 3. Increased Salary According to a recent survey, DevOps certified professionals are among the highest paid in the IT industry. The market demand is increasing rapidly with its increased implementation worldwide and this trend is not going to change any time soon.

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